Expository Essay Example

We are certain that the first humans had the power to name. Yet this power doesn't come easy. In order to name, we must be able to see things as they are and not as we fancy them. If names were just arbitrary, then it would be difficult for us to have any communication. In fact, we'd have no language at all. But names have meanings, and these meanings are deemed as objective. Thus we can infer that the first humans must have had the capacity for objectivity. But objectivity entails among other things, the capacity for ordered and numerical thought. As far as history is concerned humanity has benefitted from the use of the ‘third eye' or ‘all seeing eye of God' as a metaphor for the ordered thought of objectivity that can even see into the future. Such clarity of sight is necessary when we wish to collect our perception of an object or group of objects and name them. We could extend our thought further and say that the capacity for writing an expository essay sample is of vital importance and that there exists an objective and optimal way for writing an expository essay example.

We will look at the following key features of examples of expository essays:

  • Exposition definition
  • Importance of exposition
  • Factors of exposition
  • Expository Technique

Such a treatment of an example of expository essay will show the basic components and help us to create our own expository essay samples.

What is an Expository Essay?

One way of defining a thing is by explicating its characteristics. An expository essay example that is optimal has the following key features:

  • All seeing
  • Optimal computability
  • Relating objects to meaning
  • Sattvic being

Since expository essays are the products of intelligent beings or agents, it must be that these agents will strive to maintain conditions necessary for the above factors. This is because if operating conditions were arbitrary and random, then we couldn't preclude moments when the agent wouldn't be seeing at all. But since we are affirming the exposition then we must define requisite operating conditions on the agent so that he/she/it can perform the expository function.

Pan Opticism - The All Seeing Eye

An expository essay example is best crafted when we understand what the all Seeing Eye is. Traditional thought whose lineage includes Pythagoras and goes far back to India and ancient Egypt, shows the third eye to be on the frontal lobe of the brain which is undoubtedly connected with language and the ability to construct reality. The reason for this is almost obvious. By using language on things, we determine our priorities, and hence we construct reality. And since words come out of our contact with the world, our construction of reality must accord to the laws of the universe. Therefore, our all seeing eye must see things as they are according to the laws of the universe.

Optimal Computability

If the all Seeing Eye is mathematical and linguistic, then it must be striving for the best probable results for any observation taken. This is because if there were no optimal results defined for the observation then there would be nothing to observe. Examples of expository essays then need to be able to decipher the full implications of objects and their relations to be useful. Therefore objects must be considered as mathematical and logical objects and subjected to simulation.

Relating Objects to Being

An expository essay sample must be about how an object relates to and with the observer(s). If there were to be no relation with the observer, then what would be the use for such an action? Intelligent beings need to adapt and work out their essence. Therefore an example of expository essay must be about how an object conduces the objectives inherent in the observer.

Sattvic Being

Sattva is a term used in Indian philosophy to show neutrality of perception. Neutrality is needed for optimal relations with other beings because it allows us to be free and to allow other entities to be authentic. If other beings and objects are to bend to our will, then we must be violent and our exposition must be erroneous. Therefore expository essay examples must be written by a neutral mind and must express neutrality.

Importance of Expository Essays

Any example of expository essay has a unique set of elements that can help us to understand how to write an expository essay sample. These elements are:

  • Power
  • Knowledge of all things
  • Wisdom
  • Causation of cessation of suffering


A well written expository essay allows us to have the ability to create change. If the essay clarifies our thought and thoughts allow us to see things as they are, then it follows that the expository essay example clarifies the thoughts of both the writer and audience and facilitates action. Indeed it is necessary for one to know an object in order to cause it to conform to the observer's desire. Therefore Examples of expository essays are also examples of exercising power.

Knowledge of All Things

To come up with an expository essay sample that is useful, we must assume or affirm the knowledge of all things. This implies that all things are of similar form. Otherwise, we would never be able to know all things and would not have reliable expositions. Ancient philosophical models like that of Euclid or Archimedes included models of all knowledge in terms of form, and only details were added to create new realities. Therefore it is possible to know all things if we can use such models and they prove to be true. An example of expository essay that is modeled on the ancient philosophical premises necessarily entails knowledge of all things.


The ability to relate objects and develop strategies and tactics for using them to arrive at desired end is ‘wisdom' and is a necessity for expository essay examples. Otherwise what else would make an intelligent agent to seek expositions? The power to name entails the wisdom of relating things to us, and an expository essay must entail and explicate wisdom to its users.

Causation of Cessation of Suffering

If one is wise as described above, then that intelligent agent can't suffer. In the first place, the agent maintains neutrality and embraces reality as it is and not as he would desire it to be. Conforming reality to one's desire can't be power since one is only dependent on one set of reality - that which is comfortable to them. Therefore, an expository essay example must help one to overcome suffering, which is essentially, conflict between what is and what an entity would like to be.

Factors of Exposition

Expository essay examples need to show awareness or regard to the key factors that define an optimal exposition. These factors are:

  • Game context
  • Inherent zero - point conditions of object (OOM)
  • Other player strategies
  • Desired

Game Context

All entities or objects are formed by forces, and since these forces have a context and are necessarily in competition - consider the law of inertia as an example - then it must follow that the context of interaction can be defined in game terms. Therefore, examples of expository essays must entail the descriptions of relevant game contexts in order to truly understand and explicate what the objects observed really are.

The Form of an Object and Initial Conditions

If it is an entity, then it must have been made of the basic elements of air, fire, water, and earth, or the numbers of the tetractys as per the Pythagorean tradition. These elements are well shown if we use Euclidean geometry and the ‘golden flower' to illustrate how each object is made of the basic elements. But each element is also a mathematical function. Therefore each object can be described in terms of mathematical functions derived from a quantitative analysis of its behavior in context. An expository essay sample then needs to highlight the forms of objects and derive their initial or basic elements in terms of mathematical functions. A mathematical function is easily defined as a system with inputs - processes - and outputs. Therefore how an object is in terms of such functions is critical.

Other Player Strategies

If we take a behavioral sample of an object and note the frequency with which it relates with other objects in a context, and knowing the game context, we can infer the strategies used by other players. If then we have a record of an object's behaviors around another object, then we can determine the essence of the object under observation. An example of expository essay must, therefore, describe the behaviors of proximate players and their strategies in order to correctly infer what a target object really is.

Expository Technique for Expository Essay Examples

Writing an expository essay example is similar to writing other forms of essays, and there is technique to writing any good essay. A good expository essay example entails such features as:

  • Proper essay structure
  • Transition and coherence of content
  • Proper flow of argument
  • Impactful conclusion

Essay Structure

All academic essay structures have the following features:

  • Three part structure having the introduction, main body and conclusion
  • In text references of a preferred model like the APA, or MLA system for in text citation and bibliography
  • Logical argument units for each paragraph

Such a structure ensures that thoughts are well articulated and provides the reader or user with an easy time for testing the truth and validity of the expository essay.

Transition and Coherence of Content

Given that each paragraph with in text citation and proper argumentation is coherent it must follow that transitions and unions with other paragraphs must also generate more complex ideas and propositions that retain their coherence and consistency. This is because coherence and consistency enables the object that is being described to be able to be contextualized and used fully. If the expository essay isn't coherent or consistent, then the object under observation cannot be known and the users will have nothing to rely on for optimal living and suffering will ensue.

Proper Flow of Argument

Each argument in an expository essay example is an energetic system that should build up to higher forms of energy and end up activating a target into action. Therefore proper care must be put in order that the right energy is built at the right time and the energy progression to the end is attained. This feat is only possible if we structure the flow of argument to resonate with the basic elements and to ensure that we understand the energy states of our audiences. Hence the injunction of ‘begin with the audience in mind' is essential as well as a proper exposition of who you are. Does this expository essay on how to write an expository essay have such a flow of argument?

Impactful Conclusions for Examples of Expository Essays

As noted earlier, examples of expository essays are supposed to help their authors and readers to have more intelligent responses to the issues of adaptations to environments and fulfillment of their essence or purpose. This implies that a good expository essay sample must be able to lead its users to optimal results that are already known. Some schools of thought like the ‘Apoha' ideology among the Buddhist schools and even perhaps in Wittgeinstein's thinking, that words are arbitrary and circular in their usage. If such is the case, they argue that all is emptiness and that if we have nothing to say we ought then to be quiet. But language is meant for action as we have seen in this expository essay on how to write an expository essay!


Our article has shown how examples of expository essays are structured and how their components are joined together to create true and useful expositions. The elements and factors provided are also examples of the components that make a good expository essay example. Using these elements and techniques is meant to allow the observer to see things as they are and to report them to others in the most effective and efficient ways possible. Therefore the method of thought and development detailed in this article is a necessary and implementable object that should inform all our expository essays.