How to Write a Scholarship Essay

The journey to winning a scholarship for a college education is never complete unless the college or the university, considering the award also challenges the student with a scholarship essay. At this point, the student is likely to ask why it is necessary for the college to set up such a task, especially if other criteria for the scholarship have been met. The answer to this critical question is that by answering an essay question a student reveals more profound aspects of his/her thought and personality and this goes a long way in facilitating decision making by the college or university considering the scholarship award.

Therefore when we consider the dynamics involved when two parties converge to size each other up and make decisions on what they can do together and whether they are compatible, we find that there are political and economic factors to be considered as well as psychological dimensions determining the probable success of a scholarship bid;

  • How the student is self-aware and knowledge of the prospective college
  • Finding a point of equilibrium between the self and college
  • Strategy for maintaining the stability
  • Actualizing relations through action

By considering these factors, we get into an excellent position for writing a scholarship essay for colleges. We are at least able to develop a scholarship essay outline and details that eventually guide us on the best scholarship essay introduction we need and also develop a clear plan that handles the scholarship essay subject provided, and ending with a scholarship essay conclusion that convinces the college that we are indeed worthy of a scholarship.

The end product of this approach to scholarship essay writing is not just the award of a scholarship but is also the definition of a relationship and its parameters in terms of how we are going to carry ourselves around and the narrative we are going to create while in college. This helps us, in turn, to define a good portion of our college education and perhaps shape probable futures after college. Therefore the task of scholarship essay writing is necessary to both the prospective college and the student alike in that the former gets to begin to understand the student's mind while the student can quickly begin to craft his/her future.

Knowing the Self and the College before Scholarship Essay Writing

Sun Tzu says that to win many battles the soldier should know both the self and the enemy alike. In the same way, scholarship essay writing that is ignorant of the participating parties is likely to fail, and the disappointment that follows is expected to add up to a student's misery. It is therefore critical for the student to remember the ancient injunction of 'knowing the self' and to also work hard to know the college that has given the scholarship essay topics. Such an approach allows the student to identify the areas that need attention and how to express the attention.

Before making the scholarship essay outline, we need to consider the following aspects of knowing the self and knowing the college:

  • Understanding the core values of the self and the college
  • Realizing how we meet our core values and how the college meets its values
  • How we portray and manage relations and how the college does the same
  • The effects of the values and relationships we have compared and contrasted with those of the college.

Consideration of scholarship essay for colleges is similar to other relational accounts involving any two parties, and the success of the intended relationship can be crafted early enough. When we remember that an essay is a form of thought and that we ought to be very careful when expressing our thoughts to others since this is part of a communicative process and communication is about meeting mutual needs.

We can well know then, the requisite information that may be needed for our scholarship essay introduction if we can understand who we are and who the college we are applying to be.

How to Understand Core Values

A great model for understanding an agent or party in a relationship has been provided by a game computation theory advanced by Dr. Eric Berne. This model emphasizes that some hunger directs any agent and that this hunger fulfillment is done using a game that in turn influences a script or general algorithm of action that leads to transactions that eventually lead to the meeting of the primary need.

This implies that before making a scholarship essay outline we need to understand:

  • The hunger we are wishing to fulfill and compare and contrast them with what the college appears to be fulfilling
  • The game contexts of both the colleges we seek to join and us
  • The dominant scripts that we have compared and contrasted to the college's
  • The transactions that are likely to yield mutually favorable results.

The idea of a scholarship essay for colleges is driven by our understanding and need for mutuality and even complementarity in our relations. This idea is mostly hinted at using many aspects of ourselves and the college's communication.

Checking on How Core Values are Met

Scholarship essay writing should not begin before we have a clear comparison and contrast of how we meet our core values and how the college meets its core values. Such an exercise is vital in understanding some of how the college may wish to have the scholarship essay topics it has presented need to be answered.

Relationship Management

How we manage our relationships and how the college behind our scholarship essay writing maintains its relationships give us more hints on how to approach scholarship essay topics presented to us and even the kinds of choices we should make for our chosen scholarship essay subject. Who are the main stakeholders for the college we are applying to? How do these stakeholders participate in defining the college, and how do we fit into the ideas and relationships emphasized are critical to excellent scholarship essay writing.

Outcomes and Effects of Who We Are

We can begin to formulate our scholarship essay conclusion once we know the effects of who we are and who our colleges are. For example, some colleges are centers of individual schools of ideas and thought and are mostly reacting to and playing roles that have emerged from broader social discourse and conflict.

How to Find Equilibrium Points from Scholarship Essay Topics

Our status and agency as students don't fit one to one with the situation and agency of the college. Therefore, it is imperative that we should know how we can find some form of balance that retains our difference while promoting a harmonious and mutual relationship. Scholarship essay writing becomes a practice or pursuit for the point at which we can enjoy such a link so that we can experience growth as students while the college experiences its form of growth and advancement. The scholarship essay subject that we may have chosen then becomes the space in which this discourse is negotiated.

For this kind of equilibrium to be appreciated in our scholarship essay writing, we may need to consider some critical questions like:

  • What are some of the representations we can make on Venn diagrams and what intersections exist?
  • What are some of the factors that seem to keep the points of intersection together?
  • How sensitive are the intersections to changes?
  • What are some of the scripts roles and ego states that are mostly perceived in the intersection areas?

Dr. Eric Berne postulated that transactions that have conflict usually involve ego states that communicate in opposition to preferred ego states. This means that though we may know areas of intersection for our scholarship essay for colleges, we may not have resolved other critical factors like having the requisite ego states. Some colleges may prefer a 'Parent' ego state for a particular scholarship essay subject, but the student may respond to the 'child' ego state. While such a response may be correct, the student may still not win the scholarship because the admitting college may be having a policy against the response and ego state chosen by the student.

Finding a Strategy for Equilibrium Maintenance

Since the scholarship essay is similar in structure to other kinds of articles, we only need to consider what types of information and content belong to the different parts of an essay's structure. In this case, we need to put more attention on the scholarship essay conclusion since it is the part that often gives us the way forward by way of a call to action. The scholarship essay introduction that we came up with after profiling ourselves and the college we wish to attend gives us the opening and support that we need to drive up to the point of concluding and cementing our prospective relationship.

Since our model is that of game computation as explained by Dr. Berne, we realize that our scholarship essay writing, and especially the main body of the scholarship essay subject needs to work on the following critical issues:

  • The game design gave the several foreseeable contexts of relation and interaction
  • Prompt management and language design in the relationship
  • Identifying and managing winning relationships
  • Building institutions and cultures right from the scholarship essay writing

Any scholarship essay outline needs to have a provision of how a mutual and beneficial relationship between the student and the college should be carried out. This has the advantage of providing clear guidelines that may be altered with the time that imbue the student's actions with meaning and direction. Purpose and guidance, on the other hand, help to keep a relationship healthy and stable, given that the human mind is often prone to wandering and forgetting essential things in the course of time. Especially when other intervening situations arise, and we have to deal with it.

Actualizing Relations Out of the Scholarship Essay

The scholarship essay provides us with an opportunity to not only design relations but that of also realizing them. This actualization is done or achieved by generating agreement and prompt our audience to respond in a specially designed way. As long as the thoughts communicated are agreeable, the readers and the college become primed for the implementation of the idea, and as the reader visualizes the contents that have been provided then it becomes only a matter of time before the ideas propounded are acted out in real life.

We can specify some measures and factors to be considered when we want to actualize relations using our scholarship essay. These are:

  • Implementing ideas that are supported by optimal associations
  • Finding ways to maintain the optimal connections identified
  • Specifying and establishing norms
  • Finding required responses from the political economy by getting the scholarship award

Scholarship essay writing advances one's prospects from that of a potential recipient to that of an actual recipient of a scholarship. It is, therefore, an act of solicitation and marketing of a student's brand to a college. Such branding is similar to other forms of branding in the sense that the brand elicits a market and describes a relationship that will keep it profitable at least, in the course of its life span. In the same sense, the student who manages to accomplish excellent scholarship essay writing for colleges can have more resources even after the scholarship has already been awarded since the college will have bought the brand's idea.

Putting it All Together

A scholarship essay is, therefore, a symbol space for simulating values and relations after using a scholarship essay outline that seeks to maximize the information and the needs of the parties involved.


This article has explored the main ideas that need to be considered when developing a scholarship essay outline that allows us to negotiate for a scholarship. We have looked at the details that may be needed for a scholarship essay introduction, the details that need to be considered as central in the treatment of a scholarship essay subject, and the technique for approaching the scholarship essay conclusion. We have also seen how selected scholarship essay topics give a hint about what a college may be considered as necessary and how this kind of information works with other details to provide the student with adequate detail for excellent scholarship essay writing.