How to Write a Classification Essay

Well, many people might have heard the term classification paper, but they are clueless of what exactly it is. The definition of classification writing is the coming up of an article that analyzes objects, characters or aims that have similar characteristics into categories.

This kind of paper over recent years has become common among eleventh grade and university assignments. A classification essay, unlike other usual articles, requires you to dig deep and research widely about the topic at hand.

With the data gained, ensure that it is well arranged into categories. The main reason as to why students still have issues with this essay and yet it is common is because most articles just come with the topic and instructions. Luckily in this article, we will show you how to write a classification essay. Follow these steps so that you can come up with excellent classification essays samples.

  • Have Brilliant Theory Statements

Before you begin anything, ensure that your essay aims have been well classified. An example can be your philosophy teacher gave you an essay to write, but doesn't provide any specifics about the topic. Here are some of the issues you might consider using as your examples:

  • The types of modern-day musicians
  • The types of modern writing
  • The types of cultic societies
  • The types of dancing styles
  • The different kinds of diet
  • The various ways of studying in college students.
  • The types of modern-day religions
  • Different kinds of Atheists.
  • What is people's initial reaction to procrastination?
  • How do people react to money?
  • What are the most popular and viewed TV shows in America?
  • What are the different types of sports cars?
  • Which are the most populated countries on the planet?

The aim behind these topics is to use the concept that has your full attention and use it into an essay topic. With the concept of categorizing it in various classes, you will observe your occurrence from different points.

Research has been done, and the first step that is considered to be the best is to handpick a topic and look for the data that you can get, via the internet. Do you have sufficient aims to classify? Is your information enough that you can have your arguments well supported? The appropriate topic is the one that can inspire you and give you an easy time to manage it.

The theory statement, on the other hand, needs to be the critical element of your article. In writing a classification essay, the theory statement needs to allow the reader to comprehend something.

In this kind of essay, the theory statement should give a brief explanation of what is to be examined. You need to use it to set and meet the expectations of the reader in the entire paper.

A theory statement is mainly found in the first paragraph of your work so that it can be used to give the reader a clear aim of what the essay will talk about. It is significant for one's theory to describe and identify the primary purpose. Remember, the words that indicate classification are:

  • Separate
  • Classify
  • Sort
  • Divide


  • The Role of Categories in Writing a Classification Essay

This is an essential step in writing classification essay examples. As you classify, find the appropriate classes to place them. An example is as follows; if you put a stack of random books on your table before placing them in random piles, you first of all check which ones are for Math, Physics and Biology to make work both natural and effective.

Always keep in mind as you learn how to write a classification essay, the writer will organize and place their things into the appropriate categories. To have a useful classification, put the following words into the relevant categories. With a principle, use it to have aims examples of things that fit in each, class.

  • Plan and Research Widely About Your Classification Essay

Immediately you get your theory statement and topic. You need to continue with planning what to write. Begin with preparing your timeline by estimating how long you need to research for your essay. Organize your specific points in a manner that gives you an allowance of the essay writing without having your efficiency on other jobs lowered.

This is made possible when you begin both early and covering your work over a while, in small chunks. After you're done with setting the timeline, now you can continue with planning the outline. The development process of an overview requires you to have a plan for your work by using the main parts in any typical classification essay examples they are:

  • The 1st part (introduction)
  • The 2nd part (body)
  • The final part (conclusion)

The essay outline needs to have supported aims and examples that will elaborate on the classifications which you have come up with. Always remember at the ending of your introduction, you include a theory statement.

Also, you will do well to remember to research the categories which you mentioned in the outline. You must look for enough data about each of the groups in question. Cite more trustworthy and reliable sources so that your work can be more credible.

The first thing that should be done is to define your categories. And in your definition, be both informative and precise. Give a full list of general characteristics of all your groups and ensure that you plan how to discuss each of them.

Comparisons and contrasts are essential; therefore, effectively use them in your classification essays samples.

In your outline, have it updated with aims and data that are new so that you can advance with this process. Do not forget to revise on them so that you can know where each point originates from.

Here are some of the general methods on how to write classification essay:

  • Category determination. Be aggressive and don't leave out any vital category. An example can be: if you say the most popular sports in Japan include baseball and basketball and fail to mention Sumo wrestling, your work will be considered to be incomplete. This is because Sumo is a popular game among the Japanese.
  • Classification with a single principle. Once you have your categories, ensure that they are in the same policy of an organization. This principle showcases how groups are sorted according to their nature.
  • In each category back them up with examples. Generally, you need to use the same quantity of samples for every group. Always keep in mind that the last category is usually meant to be the best. Therefore, this requires you to expound more on it.


  • Classification Writing and Revisions

When you have all the data and the objectives for your essay, this part tends to come naturally. Having written the outline, the remaining part is to connect all the points. This is done by dividing your classification essay into the following parts:

  • The Introduction

Students in typical cases don't know how to begin a classification essay. The subject is identified in the introduction; then categories are explained later on. First, ensure that you have identified the overall concept that you will be classifying. You can achieve this by offering informative, and descriptive details concerning the topic, and in the process, earning the interest of your reader. Also, have a theory statement that explains the classification you are about to enhance further.

  • Body Paragraphs

The number of body paragraphs here is equivalent to the number of body paragraphs needed. Format the body of your classification article, following the number of categories that you will need to elaborate. Don't add many groups because they will make your classification blurry. In light of this, it is best for you to go straight to the point.

In each paragraph of your body, you need to begin with a topic sentence so that identification of the specific category is made more accessible. With more data provided, you can get into the specifics.

Between paragraphs, there must be a specific format of reasoning. You can either start by the most effective to least practical approach or vice versa according to your preference because what is essential is ensuring that logic progression is maintained.

  • Conclusion

In a clear classification essay conclusion, give a summary of all the points in your work and mention the types of approaches that your paper has enlisted. In each of your points, you can leave a final clear and comprehensive comment.

Before we continue, it`s essential to know that revisions shouldn't be skipped. This is because you have done broad and extensive research that`s prone to making several errors. This is the point where one should have a draft that can be revised and submitted as the end product.

  • Begin with the general view of reading the whole essay. Is there any feeling that it lacks a logical flow? More data should be added if that is the case. In case one of your paragraphs is longer than the other one, you need to edit it.
  • Ensure your message is clear. Don’t use phrases and words that are hard to understand.
  • Proofread your work lastly to ensure that everything in your classification article is correctly written.

There are some things that you also need to add in your classification essay conclusion. This being a finishing point of your work, you need to bring the closing remarks of your work in the closing paragraph. Share your final thoughts concerning the topic, and rewrite the theory in other words as you share your expectations mention how analyzing your problem can be of significance.

For more clarification, here are some of the general essay writing tips:

  • One of the activities that are considered to be the most challenging in essay writing is an ethical theory statement. Usually, a good theory statement consists of the topic of your essay and how it’s to be explained. An example can be, “citizens of England are involved in 4 types of jobs namely: a, b, c, d.” This will make your work easy and clear for your reader to understand.
  • When coming up with body paragraphs, use transitions, and some the common ones include subsequently, initially, finally among and many more.
  • Many students fail to remember that having a lot of data does not guarantee they will be successful in completing their essays. Another error that is commonly made is including myriads of elements in a classified subject. It is wise to choose less and adequately describe them.
  • One should avoid using mixed classification gauges. Some of them are: “It isn't right, to begin with,” and “part-time jobs.”
  • To assist your readers both to focus on different categories and still announce the upcoming classes, you need to use the following phrases: The final group, The first group.
  • Before choosing a topic, rewrite it. This exercise will ensure that you have selected the correct item. First, select any topic, then decide the reason for classifying it and finally generate several examples.


How to write classification essay can be an annoying question for a student to answer. This is because it first requires you to gather information on myriads of different categories then narrow down on specific ones. However, if you have an excellent skeleton guiding you through the whole process, you will be set to craft a masterpiece in your classification writing.

It's trouble-free to have a chaotic draft due to thinking and researching, but with careful revision, you can fix the mess. Organization and clarity in your message are two paramount factors when it comes to writing classification samples. Unlike other essays, the classification essay requires you to work harder, and the essay offers you room to be creative.

Usually, these assignments are considered boring, but with the right choice of topic, it is possible to make it fun. Always remember to begin immediately if you are aiming at completing this whole process without any hindrance. With that, we hope that you have learned a significant amount from this article on knowing how to write a classification essay.