Synthesis Essay Sample

The verdict by Nick Bostrom that the universe must be a simulation and that we are probably unlikely to live in a post-human universe is not only intriguing in the sense of trying to make out what ‘post-humanism' is about, but is also intriguing in the way it prompts us to think of Human - Machine interactions. Indeed, it could be argued that all living things are machines and that the universe is a machine for perpetuating itself.

On the other hand, ‘living things' may, in fact, be defined as all entities exhibiting ‘black body radiation'. Life then can be viewed as all synthesis action taking place within a defined system and that all behavior is essentially a synthesis statement that can be deciphered and engineered by an organism in the form of scripts generated spontaneously in the least by the various systems and players. Eric Berne and many of his followers have shown how the use of scripts can be used to explain intelligent behavior especially in humans.

Knowing that human scripts are changeable, then we can infer that synthesis essay samples are products of intelligent behavior as directed by computational entities that generate scripts, and that these synthesis essay samples can be used to measure intelligence. Also that knowing how to generate a synthesis essay writing sample is a sure way for an agent to increase intelligence over time.

This article focuses on the following 4 variables to show how the above thesis statement which is also a synthesis essay thesis sample holds as true. Indeed this whole article is also a synthesis essay writing sample since it is about resolving the forces from diverse sources to create a new and unique interpretation of what is already known. In this case, the synthesis essay thesis sample holds the 4 variables to be:

  • Necessity of intelligent agents to exist
  • Adaptive requirements for intelligent agents
  • Synthetic evaluation and choice in game contexts
  • Measuring of intelligence

Necessity of Intelligent Agents to Exist and Generate Synthesis Essay Samples

Intelligence must come out of nothingness. Let us agree that if ‘nothingness' is a referent in symbolic discourse, then it implies that it is, in fact, a thing and that it has certain qualities, and that it's most salient quality and characteristic is that it is undifferentiated from itself or any other thing. This absence of differentiation from other things then qualifies it as ‘nothing'. If ‘nothing' is an undifferentiated entity that yet holds and is held by homogenous physical laws, then it must follow that being is a matter of relating with nothingness. And since ‘nothingness' entails interaction of forces that define all things in the universe, then it follows that the interaction of the fundamental forces causes nothingness to generate other things since forces are intrinsically cybernetic or goal seeking.

All goal seeking behavior is intelligent behavior; hence ‘nothingness' is inherently intelligent in that it seeks to sustain itself. But what happens when nothingness decays into smaller components of being that relate with it? Intelligence is distributed to the component by inheritance. Therefore all synthesized entities must be intelligent.

The Synthetic Creation of Agents from Game Contexts

Starting from ‘nothingness' we realize that all things must strive to hold themselves together and keep on being. For example, entropy is tendency for nothingness to maintain itself. Therefore there exists a basic game context where nothing strives to maintain itself by decaying into things and having these things decay into nothingness. In an eco-system, therefore, the game contexts become strictly about regulation of decay rates into nothingness. But different game contexts and the emergence of players complicates conditions within eco-systems ending up with what we may consider as ‘survival for the fittest' conditions that prompt ever increasing requirements for more and more intelligent agents in keeping with the Locard's principle that assumes all entities will strive to keep themselves alive and relevant.

Therefore, the initial game conditions synthetically generate or create intelligent agents. Considering the adaptive behavior of any agents is script determined, we can then infer that all behavior by intelligent agents entails the issuing of synthesis essay samples. In this case, we use the word ‘essay' to mean an organized and logically derived and logically applying set of entities and principles towards a certain end. To be more precise, agents simulate synthesis essay samples.

How Essence Coexists with Existence and the Determination of Essence

Sartre and the existentialist school hold that existence precedes essence. But as we have seen the synthetic creation of entities out of interaction of basic forces implies that existence and essence coexist and co-determine each other.

Essence is essentially the sustenance of the self, using the fabric and law of the universe. Therefore essence is determined by the interaction of the fundamental forces of nature as it is. This implies that the being of an entity must necessarily include a synthesis essay introduction sample that announces its essence or purpose. That is, in any given context, entity's behavior may be understood as a synthesis essay samples and that each sample must also show a variety of synthesis essay introduction samples. The introduction may be analyzed in terms of object oriented programing where each entity has a name, attributes, and methods as the least factors defining it. Therefore the synthesis essay introduction must have these object oriented qualities to support a synthesis essay thesis sample.

Action as Intelligence Simulation

If behavior of all intelligent agents can be construed as the issuing of synthesis essay samples and that each behavior entails a synthesis essay thesis sample it follows that each action by an intelligent agent is essentially a simulation that may get a positive, negative or neutral feedback per time. In any case, the quality and quantity of feedback serves to define the next synthesis essay thesis that the agent will use in order to maintain its equilibrium state. We can thus see ‘intelligence' as the ability to generate various synthesis essay thesis to accommodate feedback mechanisms existing within an eco-system.

Habits and Institutions as Reinforcement of Game Contexts

There are essentially four kinds of social-economic institutions:

  • Argumentative institutions like ‘Parliament' or ‘Schools' that depend on argumentative synthesis essay samples
  • Explanatory institutions like ‘Myths' and ‘Belief systems' that thrive on the production of explanatory synthesis essay samples
  • Analytic Institutions like ‘the Judicial system' that use synthesis analysis essay samples, and
  • Implementive institutions like ‘the Executive' that use synthetic implementive essay samples

If we consider all the four kinds of institutions we discover that they not only run together but that the essence of being of any intelligent system entails the concurrent running of the different kinds of synthesis essay samples. Again, these different essay samples can be shown to run within each individual and across groups of individuals.

How Intelligent Agents Use Synthesis to Adapt and Flourish

For each of the different kinds of synthesis essay samples that can be generated by an intelligent organism there lies a unique algorithm that can be deciphered and used to generate other synthesis essay samples. This algorithm entails:

  • Game awareness
  • Truth and knowledge management
  • Technology as Synthesis action
  • Institutions as simulators

Game Awareness

The easiest way for an intelligent agent to become aware of game conditions is by observing the behaviors of other actors with whom the agent resonates and competes with respect to a common entity like a resource. This is essentially about statistical objective and subjective analysis. By considering the cumulative behaviors of agents, one is able to hypothesize the game conditions that exist or influence behavior and be able to adjust the synthesis essay samples available accordingly.

Truth and Knowledge Management

How does an intelligent agent know what is true and how is this knowledge managed so that future behavior can be controlled in the same standard of efficiency? Indian philosophy explicates 6 basic sources of truth and three conditions of truth. The 6 sources are:

  • Perception
  • Inference
  • Authority
  • Comparison
  • Derivation
  • Non-being or non-existence

And the 3 conditions of truth are:

  • Coherence
  • Consistency with experience
  • Utility to sustain essence

Each of the sources of truth requires optimal conditions for reliability. For example, one must be able to perceive things as they are and not as he/she wishes them to be. And of course, the intelligent agent must be able to use the truth to maintain its state of equilibrium.

Technology as Synthesis Action

Understanding the game context and having a system of knowing, and managing truth leaves us with the utility of knowledge or technology as synthesis action.

The argumentative synthesis essay sample is, therefore, a technology for comparing and contrasting two or more thought samples and showing how one is superior to the others. Since these options are evaluated within a game context and a similar knowledge system, then it follows that the best argumentative synthesis essay sample that one can get and observe is directly derived from the behaviors of actors within a resonating institution as explicated above.

Explanatory synthesis essay samples are technologies or instances of using knowledge to explain sometimes even seemingly contradictory experiences in a game context. For example, why do different players in a common game context exhibit different behavior? Knowing the game context and using the object oriented model for all entities then leaves us with clear cut examples that we can use as explanatory synthesis essay samples.

Synthesis analysis essay samples, on the other hand, are shown or can be studied when we look at behavior in the contexts of analytic institutions and conforming them to the object oriented model. Such qualitative and quantitative analysis then ensures that an observer or a person seeking to write their own synthesis essay sample can create truthful samples.

Institutions as Simulators

If we can collect and collate a sample of synthesis essay samples then we can use institutions around us to simulate different hypotheses in order to generate the most truthful synthesis essay samples that can be used under the different contexts that may affect any intelligent actors.

These institutions offer a context in which logic and mathematics can be used to test different hypotheses and to try different realities in order to generate the best solutions which co-incidentally describe the best synthesis essay samples.

Synthetic Evaluation and Choice in Game Contexts

Using the different synthesis essay samples that we have collected or that can be collected by any intelligent agent, we are able to derive a synthesis essay writing sample. But as we noted earlier, it is essential to have an algorithm for such an activity. This algorithm entails the following factors:

  • Player essentials
  • Optimization behavior
  • Weighing alternative behaviors
  • Selecting behavior

Player essentials are about the necessary conditions that a player must meet in order to be able to generate at least a cogent synthesis essay thesis sample. Optimal conditions for such a state entail the player being able to uphold the 6 sources and 3 conditions of truth as optimally as possible.

Optimization behavior is the ability of an actor to simulate various courses of synthesis and to determine the course with the highest value or pay off. This again requires and touches on the player essentials. For example, one must be able to have equanimity. Without equanimity one may not be able to calmly evaluate the options and one can easily choose a less effective synthesis essay sample.

Weighing alternative behaviors is about extending optimization behavior to actualities in a game context and actually seeing and evaluating possibilities and deciding on them with respect to the truth condition of ‘utility'. The synthesis must be applicable to the reality that one is facing, or that confronts the individual.

Selecting behavior is the actual response or the actual synthesis essay sample that is used to meet the intelligent actor's needs. The ideal, in this case, is that a player needs to choose options that are mutually satisfying across the ecosystem. This ensures that the total ecosystem conditions are not disrupted to the point of rendering any analysis as implausible or unreliable.

Measuring Intelligence using Synthesis Essay Writing Samples

In this article, we have taken that the writing of synthesis essay samples to be an activity that is simulated by all intelligent agents. Therefore we can use the synthesis essay writing samples of agents like humans to determine how they manage their intelligence.